Legal services

Besides legal consultation and advice, Eurolink Investment Group offers company registrations, litigation, court representation, land regulation and any other legal service required by our clients. Our Legal Department employs the services of English-speaking lawyers and legal advisors for the benefit and convenience of our clients.

Financial services

  • Accounting and auditing services;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Insurance;
  • Tax consultation;
  • Tax exemptions; and
  • Property Tax.

Translation Services

    We can provide you with either certified or uncertified translations of documents. Our translation services are competitively priced and normally three working days are required for translation.

    Property Offers

    If you are looking for the best retirement home, Retirement Homes Bulgaria can offer you exceptional choices. We can offer seaside plots ranging from 10 to 500 acres, located only 10 minutes from the centre of Varna with panoramic views of the sea.

    We at Retirement Homes Bulgaria, together with Eurolink Investment Group have also projects for the development of New Varna. We aim to offer to the future residents of the quarters to be built on the land the Group presently owns, the best possible quality of life, excellent facilities and surroundings: easy access to vital services, shops, restaurants, hospitals and communal establishments.

    Relocation & Settling in

    Retirement Homes Bulgaria represent a network of professionals dedicated to assisting in your successful retirement and relocation within the Varna area. The Relocation Assistance, which the company offers, works to ease the transition of moving to a new community by providing essential support to new retirees and their families.