Dear Mr. Violaris,

I had the exceptional pleasure of reading through the pages of your website which I have to admit is both professional and full of mature advice. It is very rare these days to come across people who are willing to tell you the truth and state the facts, irrespectively of whether their interests are negatively affected.

I am referring to your New Year’s message to your clients and investors. In my humble opinion not many people can put their finger on the mark of the nail as perfectly as you did. To add and endorse your conclusions, I would only mention a few facts, which unfortunately are pushing the people of this country to turn their faces to their own fatherland and just leave.

– I am nearing 60 and for the past 35 years I offered my services to my countrymen as a General Practitioner in the city of Leeds, I have always paid my taxes on time and always answered the calls from different directions to offer voluntarily my help to anybody in need.

– My lovely wife and I brought up 3 children who are also doctors and work for the NHS, loyal to their oath, but getting no where.

– All these years, I was saving for my retirement and I am informed now that the value of my pension fund doesn’t represent even 75% of my contributions over the years. Worse of all is that I can not draw it, because the company managing the funds hasn’t got the cash.

– The value of the 3 free hold properties I own together with my wife has diminished over the last 18 months by 18% and we told that the worse is still to come.

– In the meantime, everything is going up and our British pound has no value anymore, while the state with its policies is encouraging people not to work and live on social assistance.

– Our country is not ours anymore.

– Not to talk about security! During the past 5 years I was attacked 6 times by youngsters and robed 3 times by “unknown” people and naturally the police did nothing instead I was advise not to stay late at my practice working and to avoid gangs of youngsters when I see them!

So, this is why I want to leave this country, tomorrow if this is possible! I am turning to you for advise and I am convinced that you will offer me the best. We want to move out of here to a life with meaning and we are determined to live the rest of our lives, the best way we could. For this reason, we would like to have a nice comfortable house, somewhere peaceful, with good neighbours, have a gardens with lots of trees, if possible near or next to a forest, with a swimming pool preferably. We plan to have a car so, if this place is outside the city will not matter, as long as we can get to a supermarket, to a chemist, to restaurants and shops and what ever a civilized place can offer.

Additionally, we would like to invest the rest of our money in a way that we can have some income in the long run and leave something to our children when our time is over!

We are looking forward to your advice and keep up the good job you are doing, I am sure a lot of people will appreciate it,

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Merlin Richardson-King