by Geoff Illes

Here are some of the reasons why my wife & I left the UK, which now is not that United and certainly not the Kingdom it used to be:

1 Disillusioned with the country.

Was known as Great Britain, but no longer Great. Where are we all going and where will the country be in 10 years time and how is this going to reflect on you?

2 Standard of living.

Everyday cost is increasing value for money decreasing. Your money and property are losing you money, you worked hard for your money, every day you get less and less for it.

3 Irresponsible Bankers

Bankers bailed out by the Government at the cost of the tax payer. Savings rate at a all time low. They get paid very good money, then want bonuses for doing a bad job, and its your money!

4 Embarrassing Government

Do as I say, but not what I do. How can the British people support a Government when the Government does not support its people.

5 Anti-social Behavior

Intimidated to walk freely in most towns and outside areas for the fear of being mugged or harassed.

6 Weather

Unpredictable weather patterns, no seasons, bad winters, wet summers and guaranteed to rain every Bank Holiday. Summer temperature only reaching15c.

7 Community Spirit

Or lack of it, these days everybody seems more interested in the life inside there tv box, than what is happening in there street.

8 Falling Standards

The poor service that you now receive from the Police, the Hospitals from appointments being cancelled to the cleanness of them. Waste bins collected now once a fortnight (and remember to have the lid closed). But the costs increasing every year, when will it stop.

9 Manners.

Something that seems to have completely disappeared today in the UK. No more please and thank you. Shops where the assistants only grunt. No politeness. No good morning or good evening.

10 Tax.

If it moves today in the UK or it is alive then its taxed, then tax it again. What a great place this is to be born and die in. What would our grandparents think of it all.

11 Fresh Start.

You are never to old or to young to make a fresh start, if you are like a lot of people living in the UK the choice is yours. If you don’t look into doing something now, when will you?

12 You have a choice.

If you are still reading this and want more information why 58000 people have like me, move out of the UK and now live in Paradise, then feel free to contact the number below or send me a e-mail, and could the last person to leave please switch the lights out.