vinesExpatriates who find themselves living in Bulgaria generally soon discover that wine is taken quite seriously here.  Whilst many do not look past France, Spain or Italy when it comes to incredible wine-producing regions in Europe, Bulgaria’s prominence is well noted.  The country’s wines in fact, have earned multiple accolades on the worldwide scene and its flavours are rich and diverse.

The wines of Bulgaria have a rather rich and long history. The Bulgarian wine industry might be a relatively new feature on the worldwide scene, but the tradition here dates back to centuries ago.  In fact, it is believed that Bulgarian wines trace their roots back to ancient Thracian and Greek times.  Wine has been produced in Bulgaria for ages and it continues to play a rather large role in the country’s economy.  If you’re going to be living in Bulgaria you’ll likely be enjoying the wine.

Bulgaria is noted for producing a number of different kinds of wines, many of which have ancient roots. Some of the most common varieties produced here today are believed to date back to ancient civilisations.  The ancient varieties include Dimyat, Gamza, Pamid and Mavrud.

So, what exactly can expats, holidaymakers and retirees expect from Bulgarian wines?

redwineAn incredible variety is perhaps the best answer to that question!  Wine lovers will find a host of very distinct flavours, with red varieties being the favourite here.  White wines are also prevalent, but are not as highly prized by the culture.

As far as wine production goes, this is a very big business in Bulgaria. The country is estimated to have at least 80 industrial wineries and a host of small producers, as well. Most grapes used in Bulgarian wine are known around the world and are regularly served in popular Lyon, Melbourne and blackpool hotels. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most commonly produced type of wine, but expats living in Bulgaria will also find Chardonnay, Merlot and Pamid are also quite popular. Wines from the broad vine Melnik account for about 1% of production

Bulgaria boasts some 43 distinct geographical regions for the production of wine.  Expats and holidaymakers will find vineyards and wineries throughout the country, from the Black Sea to the interiors.  In many cases, the winemaking tradition is deep seated.

Bulgaria’s commercial sales of spirits dates back to about the 1970s, when wine sales abroad became quite popular.  Today, Bulgaria is said to export large amounts of wine to countries all over the world.  In fact, wine exportation accounts for about 30% of the country’s farm exports within the European Union.  Bulgarian wine is favoured by many in the UK, Germany, the US, Poland and Ireland.  The UK however, is Bulgaria’s biggest market.

Whilst many believe they need to move to the French countryside to find themselves in the heart of wine country, this is not the case.  Among its many attractions for retirees and expats, Bulgaria also boasts some of the finest wines in the world.  Wine connoisseurs will find themselves right at home when living in Bulgaria therefore!