Here are some useful tips to take into consideration when planning your relocation to Varna

  • If you own a car and its value is less than £1500, we advise you to sell it and buy another one in Varna, having in mind the cost of shipping and re-registering a UK car. There are a lot of car dealers in Varna and in its vicinity offering brand new and second vehicles (no essential difference to UK prices). Furthermore, a UK car is right handed while in Bulgaria it is left handed. We advise you to have a Bulgarian acquaintance to do the negotiation for you, so you can get 20% lower price than yourself. If you are not sure about the paperwork, your friend can help you.
  • Shipping to Bulgaria – shipping companies consider quotation primarily on shipping volume, not on weight. Smaller volume (20m3 versa 10m3) reduce the cost and hence 20% VAT surcharge.
  • Since the furnishing items take a lot of volume (i.e. draw units), it may be a lot cheaper to dispose them (i.e. e-bay, charity, etc.) and buy new furniture. For example, a cheap bedroom draw unit costs £50 to buy, but may cost £50-£150 to ship it, where you may sell it for £10 and buy a new one. Take what you really need and be crucial about it. When you start living in Varna or the region, there is plenty of good furniture stores around offering a wide range of furniture.
  • Do communicate with the shipping company, do not preassume there is complete understanding. A shipping company would be very concerned how to deliver the goods when they get to Varna…they may use a very big lorry, which cannot drive into small streets (which in fact is impossible). You may need to hire a transit or large SUV car to transport the goods between the main road and house/apartment on the small street, they may do that for you but at an extra cost.
  • Do try to pack way ahead of schedule, so you can work out the shipping volume, making sure it does not exceed the contract limits.
  • Do consider insurance, so your stuff would be protected. The company may have a policy that they prefer to pack the stuff themselves (at extra cost) and hence validate the insurance policy. Read the small print. They may use a good money making scheme.
  • Each box must comply to weight specification provided by the shipping company, if it is too heavy, they may refuse to handle it due to H&S policy.
  • Above all, do communicate with the people at the shipping company, do not preassume, keep communication on records, any charge: record it on writing, approved and signed!!

See you in Varna.