Relocating to a new house can be a troublesome experience when moving within the country, but moving internationally can get twice as bad as it requires a lot more planning and thought. When you’re considering moving to Bulgaria, make sure you’re aware of all the common problems and pitfalls which may occur unless you want to see your removal costs skyrocket in no time.

But with good organization and a bit of research your new life in the sun will begin as smoothly as you planned it straight from Day One! One of our clients and good friend, Richard Payne, did some investigation on the procedure for relocating and here is what came out. If you contact a professional removal company, they will assist you at every step, from picking up your luggage through arranging the customs clearance and insurance, helping with wrapping and delivering everything to your new Bulgarian home. Once you decide for a date when you wish to move you must call your preferred removal company and they will give all documents you need to complete. Among them are Removal Info Sheets where you fill in your name, addresses (both new and old), phone number, also a List of Contents where all larger items should be described and some other documents needed for customs clearance and insurance. As this is an overseas shipment you will be advised to have insurance which amount is usually for the replacement value of the goods.

All removals are carried out by road transport and the delivery terms may vary from 5 days to 3-5 weeks, according to the quotations from different companies. Prices also differ from £2750 to £3658 for one and the same amount of furniture (around 18 m3 – that is quite a lot!). Good news is that you could be quoted a lower price by a Bulgarian branch of a UK company, than by the head office and it will be regardless of that which UK-location your items will be taken from and which BG-location they will be delivered to.

Sea transportation is another option and it would take just about the same time – transit periods from the UK to Bulgaria are between 3 and 5 weeks, same documents required. In that case you get one container unit and can stuff it with as many contents as you want (doesn’t affect the price!) or use only a part of the container, in which case the price might be even less.

So, whether you decide to use a professional removal company, shipping and forwarding agency or plan it all by yourself, don’t worry. Even though you may feel like canceling your plans when you realize how much work is involved, in the end you’ll consider it’s been worth all the efforts you put into it. Once you come and spend your first evening in your new cozy Bulgarian home, all worries will be quickly forgotten.