If you are a national of a EU country you have the right to move to and live in Bulgaria.

Before you move, you can:

  • get a State Pension forecast from your national pension insurance institute.
  • ask your respective national institution for information about your tax liability on any income over your national personal allowance, tax payable from abroad can vary depending on where you decide to live.
  • if you are retiring abroad seek independent tax advice about the benefits of offshore banking, as this could reduce your tax liability depending on where you are living.
  • inform your social security office, your National Insurance Contributions Office (International Services) and the Department for Work and Pensions when you move and provide your contact details abroad.
  • tell your bank or any financial institution that you have a policy or agreement with that you are moving abroad.
  • check how your pension can be transferred on a regular basis to your personal bank account in Bulgaria.