Banking system

In Bulgaria, officially are registered 34 banking institutions, whereas 28 are Commercial Banks with international banking license, and 6 Foreign Commercial Bank Branches.

Almost all banks have a website in English, where customers can find more information about specific banking products and services offered, as well applicable banking tariffs.

On the site of Bulgarian National Bank can be found useful information in English concerning the banking system, banking legislation, information about the Bulgarian notes and coins in use, officially registered financial institutions and banks, financial and banking statistics.

The usual banking hours in Bulgaria are Monday to Friday: 09.00-16.00.

To open a personal bank account in Bulgaria (in national or international currency) should be presented a valid passport or personal identification document, some funds to start the account with and application form, according to the specific requirements of the bank. All personal deposits in Bulgaria are secured against bank bankruptcy up to the amount of BGN 100 000, according to Bulgarian Legislation.