Eurolink Investment Group, our partners and business associates, specializes in land investment and development. The Group has a long-term vision, which involves the development of a brand new city, New Varna. This vision gives tremendous prospects to their investments and the community they belong to. To this end the Group has strong support from the local authorities of Varna, whom they consider their allies and partners in this immense undertaking.

The proposed brand new city, New Varna, will most likely be patterned after that of the summer or marine capital of Bulgaria, the very popular tourist destination of the city of Varna on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast. Building upon the foundation of Varna’s being a favorite destination of choice for tourists who are looking for unforgettable holidays, the proposed construction of New Varna will herald a new chapter in terms of building investments and property development for Eurolink Investment Group in the region.

Thanks to their tested experience and proven track-record, Eurolink Investment Group looks into the future with confidence. The trust expressed by the many satisfied investors and business associates, as well as the safety an equity of over €260 mn guarantees, give the Group strong foundations for further growth and development.

We at Retirement Homes Bulgaria, together with Eurolink Investment Group aim to offer to the future residents of the quarters to be built on the land the Group presently owns, the best possible quality of life, excellent facilities and surroundings, easy access to vital services, shops, restaurants, schools and communal establishments.

New VarnaWe dream of that moment where people will live in full harmony and peace between them and their surroundings. We look for that moment when the children will, once again, get to know the names of the birds, the plants, the trees and animals and recognize the aroma of the flowers and the changing of the seasons. In all, we are committed to offer to our future neighbours real human and humane living conditions.

Our business and corporate philosophy is centered on and around the human being and his right to live better and happier!

One of the major projects of the Group is giving birth to New Varna, which will be built in a peaceful and serene area, only a 10 minutes drive from the city center of Varna and 20 minutes from Varna International Airport, a few meters from the shores of the Varna Sea Lake and surrounded by a huge virgin forest which is still inhabited by deer and mouflon and decorated by hundreds and thousands of wild flowers and fruit trees. Right on the edge and bordering with the grounds of the project there is a huge pine forest, the trees of which are complimented with the branches of wild vines producing juicy grapes year after year.

If retiring in style can have a real meaning, then somebody spending his/her retirement in New Varna will realize soon that this is the place. Combining the cosmopolitan touch of the neighbouring city centre and beach resorts, which are only minutes away, the luxury that the choice of two Golf courses gives and the peaceful and affordable luxury of living among virgin nature, New Varna will become the ‘talk of the town’ in due course.

Eurolink Investment Group has already regulated the land and they are just about to obtain the architectural plans, of what will become a retreat for those who are looking for the affordable ‘best of the best’ and could not find it or afford it anywhere else. The start of construction of this project is planned for the early summer of 2009.

golf_playgroundThis exceptional region, will provide for luxury and highly comfortable 2 and 3 bedroom villas, built to the highest standards, with own swimming pool and landscaped gardens, apartments and studios especially designed and constructed for people of the third age, a medical and spa center, a pharmacy, shops, restaurants, pubs and taverns, three communal parks, two communal halls, a gym, a cinema and a summer school for the visiting grand children. For those of our senior citizens, who love gardening, we will provide allotments free of charge. For those, who love nature, free access will be given to the mouflon nature reserve which is just at a walking distance away. For those, who love fishing and sailing, Varna Sea Lake will offer unforgettable experiences. It is only a 5 minutes walking distance away.

New Varna will have everything that anybody planning or entering retirement can wish for. It can also offer great alternatives to young men and women, even couples, who are finding it extremely difficult to achieve and maintain a good standard of living in their own country!

New Varna will become the hottest destination for those seeking a good retirement and for the younger families who are finding it difficult to cope in their own countries. The present and ongoing economic crisis not only will not diminish this new, huge market segment, on the contrary it will make it bigger and prolonged. The moment people get the chance to release some equity or find buyers for their present properties, they will be on the move the following day.