Eurolink Investment Group and New Varna Project

Eurolink Investment Group, our partners and business associates, specializes in land investment and development. The Group has a long-term vision, which involves the development of a brand new town, New Varna. This vision gives tremendous prospects to their investments and the community they belong to. To this end the Group has strong support from the local authorities of Varna, whom they consider their allies and partners in this immense undertaking.

New Varna will have everything that anybody planning or entering retirement can wish for. It can also offer great alternatives to young men and women, even couples, who are finding it extremely difficult to achieve and maintain a good standard of living in their own country!

New Varna will become the hottest destination for those seeking a good retirement and for the younger families who are finding it difficult to cope in their own countries.

The Pine Wood, Marina Gardens or Albena Cliffs?

If you are to retire in 2010 or later and you are not in a hurry to find your new home abroad, find out about the our best offers. We’ve selected three locations developed by Eurolink Investment Group, which are most suitable for you.

The Pinewood is situated on a hill, overlooking the Varna Sea Lake and surrounded by a pine forest. It will be part of a small development by Eurolink Investment Group, consisting of about 25 units.

Another project at offer is Marina Gardens. Set in a peaceful and serene spot, only a 10 minutes drive from the city center of Varna and 8 minutes from Varna International Airport, a few meters from the shores of the Varna Sea Lake and surrounded by a huge virgin forest.

Albena Cliffs is a 30 minutes drive from Varna International Airport, and less than 3 kilometers away from three of Bulgaria’s best Golf Resorts. It occupies a towering position of endless sea and forest views on the hills over Albena.

Bulgarian Properties Online – your reliable consultant

You have already decided to move to Bulgaria and wish to find your new home! We can help you with your search by offering you fantastic houses located along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. When you are looking for a property abroad you need a trustworthy partner to advise you on houses and apartments or just provide you with general information about the property market in Bulgaria.

Retirement Homes Bulgaria, together with our sister company Bulgarian Properties Online, has a long and successful track record in the Bulgarian property market. We give you the opportunity to choose from a number of inland rural properties where you can enjoy the low cost of living and experience the genuine Bulgarian hospitality.

It will be our pleasure to be your host while you are visiting Varna city, whether for a viewing trip with us or if you are just paying us a visit for advice and information.