Thanks to its location, Varna region provides opportunities for all types of transport. Varna International Airport is the second largest in Bulgaria. It serves as a connection to 35 countries in the world and over 101 destinations.

The density of road infrastructure in the region is one of the highest in the whole country. One of the routes of major importance for the district is the Hemus motorway, leading to Sofia. A project of high priority is the construction of the Cherno More motorway which will connect Varna and Burgas (134 km), the two largest Bulgarian cities and ports on the Black Sea. Varna region is also well connected with different parts of the country through first-class roads which serve as a direct connection between Eastern Romania and Turkey and between Northern Bulgaria and the Black Sea.

Port of Varna East will be converted into a cruise terminal-cum-yacht marina

Varna Railway Station

Asparuhovo Bridge

The Asparuhovo Bridge connects the Asparuhovo quarter to the rest of the city over the canals between the Black Sea and Lake Varna.

The bridge is 2.05 km in length and 50 m in height, weighing 3,200 tons. The installation experiences significant traffic, with 10,000 vehicles crossing it every 24 hours.

The bridge’s construction began in 1973 after the need for a larger canal to link Lake Varna and the sea was felt. The initial launch date was 30 September 1976, but construction was ahead of schedule and finished on 8 September, when the Asparuhov most was opened in a ceremony by the former Bulgarian President Todor Zhivkov. Meanwhile, the new canal that the bridge crosses began operation on 1 September, with the first ship going through on 4 September the same year.

Today the Asparuhov most is not only an important transport installation, but also a place where extreme sports fans meet, as the bridge is a favourable location for bungee jumping.