Medical Establishments and Dental Clinics in Varna

st_marina_varnaAll medical establishments in Varna perform medical checks, tests and treatment of foreigners. Foreigners pay for the medical services in exchange of an invoice in Bulgarian levs in cash at the cash desk of the medical establishment or else with a bank transfer from abroad.

Standards of medical care in Varna’s hospitals are quite good. However, specialised equipment for certain specialist treatment is only available at specialized hospitals. Doctors and nurses are well qualified but unfortunately most hospital staff is unlikely to speak English.

Some initial emergency medical treatment may be given for free in Varna; however, foreigners are likely to be charged for the majority of medical expenses incurred whilst in a medical institution (including tests, medication and overnight stays in hospital, both state and private). It is strongly recommend to have a comprehensive travel insurance to cover the full period you will be in the country. It is a good idea to take with you your NHS medical card.

Some state owned hospitals are:
St Marina Hospital Varna, 1 Hristo Smirnenski St. (052)302 875
Hospital for active treatment

St Anna Hospital Varna, 100 Tsar Osvoboditel St. (052)229 498
Hospital for active treatment

Here are some private clinics:
Universum Medical Varna, 13 Maria Louisa Blvd (052)600 539
Offers alternative medicine and massage

Kamee Clinic Varna, 21-90 St Nikola district (052)335 572
Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Kibela Consultancy Centre Varna, 35 Otets Paisii St. (052)605 926
Psychological consultancy

Valem Varna, 4 Otets Paisii Str (052)602 640
Plastic and Aesthetic surgery

On telephone number 150 (for all telephone and mobile operators) you can call in case of emergency for medical assistance for the whole territory of Bulgaria. Your call will be redirected to the nearest Center for Emergency Medical Assistance (CEMA).


The leading dentists in Varna work in private practice and many receive their training in either Europe or the United States.

Dentists in Varna complete a university degree taking 5 and a half years. An average of over 80 dentists per 10,000 patients puts Bulgaria 25% above the EU average. The Union of Dentists is the body that represents the dental profession in Bulgaria.

The Law on Professional Organizations of Physicians and Dentists deals with how the Union of Dentists should provide monitoring of current standards, encourage training and continuing education.

The medical search engine,, has revealed that 35,000 Brits a year travel overseas for dental work and nearly 60,000 searched online for information on dentists. The company declared that the British can save up to 70% by travelling overseas for dental treatment – before accommodation and flights are taken into account.

Some dental clinics in Varna:

Sident Dental Clinic, Varna bul. Vl. Varnenchik 112 tel.: +44 870 9746546

Dentaprime Dental Clinic, ST. Constantine Resort, 27 St., No 1, (052) 36 20 23

Dr. Dakovski Dental Centre, 18 Graf Ignatiev Str., (052) 612 661

Medica 3 – Dr. Z. Todorova,, hotel Havana, Golden Sands, (052) 381 220

Dentart, 9 Drazki, (052) 633-644

Dentist Dinkova, 27 Mariya Luiza blvd., (052) 637 777

Medicines can be obtained in licensed pharmacies. Certain medicines can be obtained only with a medical prescription. Normally, on the front door of the pharmacy is available the address of the nearest 24-hour open pharmacy. Medicines supplied by public pharmacies have to be paid for in any event.