Climate in Varna

The Maritime climate along the coast is characterised by warm, sunny days from May to October with mid-summer air temperatures averaging 83 °F (28 °C) and sea temperatures ranging from 73-77 °F (23-25 °C). The wettest months are June, October and December. During the winter season, temperatures range from -5 °C to 10 °C. It hardly snows and is slightly cold, although milder than the interior of the country where the snow falls heavily.

Varna is a Gateway to the numerous beaches that lie along the Black Sea coastline. With over 2500 hours of sunshine per year it’s not hard to see why this area of Bulgaria is becoming so popular. During the long, hot summer months the sun will shine down for around 10 hours per day and the temperatures will hover just below the 30C mark. Spring and autumn are cooler times of the year but still pleasantly warm with temperatures in Varna sticking around the 18C mark. During the summer months the Black Sea is the perfect temperature to indulge in the many water sports that this area of Bulgaria is famous for.

Varna has the perfect climate for a beach holiday. The resorts along the Black Sea coastline, such as Golden Sands and Albena, are aptly named. Swathes of beautiful beach bask in summer high temperatures that never dip below 25C for months on end. The peak months of June, July and August in Varna are the hottest. The heat is never unpleasantly hot and even the peak summer months are a good time to explore the beautiful countryside in this area of Bulgaria.

Varna has an Indian summer in October. An October holiday break in Varna will be an excellent time to shake off the British chill, and with temperatures at around 18C you can easily pick up a tan. You can expect around six hours of sunshine per day in October, and the cooler autumn months are perfect for a family holiday. Spring will also see temperatures in Varna at around 15C mark making it the perfect holiday hotspot for an Easter holiday break.