Bulgaria has everything that anybody planning or entering retirement can wish for. It can also offer great alternatives to young men and women, even couples, who are finding it extremely difficult to achieve and maintain a good standard of living in their own country!

Here are some of Bulgaria’s advantages as a retirement destination:

You can only live twice

“On Aug 26, 2005 we moved to our new life in Bulgaria. Now we live in a beautiful country, 3 hours flight from the UK. Our home is in a lovely quiet village. It is a newly built bungalow with 3 bedrooms, large garden, swimming pool and great views across the countryside. We own some more land overlooking a lake and some with sea views. We live in a country with our seasons, lovely summers, friendly people, not a lot of crime. We live in what we call PARADISE.” – G Illes

  • Cost of living is 3 times cheaper than the average of the rest of the European Union and 4 times compared to that in the United Kingdom.
  • A few hours flight from most European destinations. Regular, direct flights from most major European airports.
  • A favorable climate that is one of the country’s best features. Although located at the same latitude as southern New England, Bulgaria’s climate is noticeably more temperate. Summers are typically hot and dry, but rarely oppressive, with moderate relative humidity. Winters are cold but not bitterly so. In the south and Black Sea coastal regions, Mediterranean influences temper the harsher continental climate of the interior. The country’s half-dozen mountain groups also play a significant part in determining regional variances.
  • Bulgaria is today one of the safest places to live not only in Europe, but in the world.
  • Peaceful and free of stress living oppose to that of the rest of Europe.
  • Extremely low cost of housing considering that prices for new homes start as low as €75.000 for a freehold compared to €275.000 leasehold in the UK, Germany and France.
  • Unspoiled nature extending for thousands of square kilometres andeasy and free access to it.
  • Friendly, cultured and highly educated people, free of xenophobia and prejudice.
  • Fresh and mostly ecologically clean food at very reasonable prices.
  • Very low taxation, both for legal entities and individuals.
  • Inexpensive and quality private and public medical care.
  • Bulgaria’s membership to the EU enables citizens from other EU countries to settle freely, without any hassle, enjoy the same public services as in their own country.
  • Non-EU citizens, meeting some basic requirements, can apply for residence permit and after a period of five years they can apply for aBulgarian citizenship.