fishermanAre you bored with city life? Want to relax near some lake or river in the countryside? Fishing and hunting are the world’s most popular hobbies and excellent ways of recreation and relax. The time you can spend in the heart of nature can be the perfect way to make the days of life in retirement a fulfilling experience.

With its hundreds of rivers, mountains and reserves, Bulgaria is the grace haven for people who love fishing or hunting. More than 2500 foreign hunters visit Bulgaria annually. Most of them are traditional visitors and even have their own property. The natural conditions, the strict observance of the Game Law and the Rules for its application, grant the country the leading position in the sector.

Like hunting, sport fishing is also a big business in Bulgaria. Bulgarian lakes and rivers can offer all year round entertainment with excellent trout fishing, along with pike, carp and bream.  These ideal conditions drive fish and hunting fans to search for a holiday property in Bulgaria and visit our country over and over again. One can easily get a country house for as little as 15 000 Euro and turn it to a fantastic place with little renovation. Almost every village in Bulgaria is close to a small river or even a lake. So no matter where you decide to buy a property, you will be close enough to your hobby.

One of the best fishing locations tend to be the Ticha lake and the North-Eastern Black sea coast of Bulgaria.

hunter_boarAnyone, who spends at least 10 minutes in the internet searching for a property in Bulgaria, will notice that these are the places with one of the most inexpensive properties for sale. Thousands of available countryside houses and building plots are waiting for their new owners.

Those areas are full of hunting huts and lodges, small family run hotels and guest houses. They offer spectacular hilly views and thick forests to those who prefer a more quiet and relaxing holiday home.
In all these areas there are plenty of houses for sale, located in small cosy villages. And what’s best, these properties are inexpensive but with great potential! Your favourite hobby doesn’t have to cost you much!

In Bulgaria you get more for less!

Some decide to put their interests into business and invest in the purchase of a property in Bulgaria. It is easy to find a rural house for sale with 8 to 10 rooms and transform it into a bed and breakfast. When you add fishing and hunting tours to it, you have a successful enterprise.

There are hundreds of foreigners retiring in Bulgaria and starting a small business. If this sounds like you, then do not hesitate to visit Bulgaria and explore the multiple options you have available.