14th of February, Trifon Zarezan

trifon_zarezanSveti Trifon (St. Trifon) is known as the patron of the vineyards all over the Balkans . The holiday derives from the Dionisian Celebrations in ancient Greece. Early in the morning every wine-grower goes to his vineyard, turns to the east and makes the sign of the cross. Afterwards he cuts three sprigs from three different vines and waters the spot with wine, holy water and ash, kept from the Christmas fire. It is done for rich harvest. These springs are kept in front of the icon in the house. In the evening all the men of the village sit together around the ritual table in the vineyards and celebrate the day with lots of wine. In some regions the men dig a hole in the middle of the the vineyard and burry a bottle of holy water in it for prevention of hailstorms. The feast is also known as “Trifon the Drunkard” because of the large quantity of wine being drunk that day.