In 2008, Bulgaria had the lowest price level for goods and services of all 27 EU member states, according to latest Eurostat data.

The most expensive EU countries are Denmark with 141% of the EU average, followed by Ireland (127%), Luxembourg (116%), Sweden (114%), Belgium and France (both 111%).

Bulgaria’s consumer prices for goods and services were only 51% of the EU 27 average. Other cheapest EU states are Romania (62%), Lithuania (67%), and Poland (69%).

In the different categories of goods and services, Bulgaria’s price levels are lowest in the EU for food and non-alcoholic beverages in 2008 – 67% of the EU 27 average compared to the most highest level – 147% of the average in Denmark.

For cigarettes Romanians paid the least, while smokers in Ireland had to pay dearly.

Clothes are one of the goods, which prices did not vary so much during the period under review. However they were the cheapest in the UK and the most expensive clothes were the ones in Finland.

Again, in the UK electronics could be purchased at a profit, while in Malta they were the most expensive good.

In addition, Bulgaria’s prices for restaurants and hotels services were only 40% of the EU average, whereas the highest prices in the Union in this category, Denmark’s, are 151% of the EU average.