Our Principles Of Service and Core Values

We are certain that anyone who believes in the sacred value of human life will embrace the Principles of Service that have become the hallmarks of Retirement Homes Bulgaria. They guide and focus our team members from day-to-day at any one of our clients and his individual needs.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to champion quality of life for all seniors by offering high standards and quality of living in a modern and environmentally friendly brand new city quarter – New Varna. Because we love this country, and especially our town, of which we are an integral part, and because we respect and appreciate our clients.

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Our mission is to promote the well-being of senior people and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

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Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Belief in the prospects of Bulgaria
  • Human and humane approach
  • Joy in Service

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Our Foundational Belief

Belief in the sacred value of human life and the right of better and happier living.

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Our Past

c_violarisRetirement Homes Bulgaria is a member of Eurolink Investment Group, founded in 1994 by Mr. Christopher Violaris – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. That was a time when, not many foreigners would have been able to find Bulgaria on a map, let alone tell you anything about the country. He came to Varna on a professional assignment which he was given because nobody else wanted for Bulgaria was considered a very hostile and treacherous investment market. Mr. Christopher Violaris was the youngest and less senior of the group and had no right to refuse. Otherwise he would have not taken the initiative to come to Varna, leave alone settle there for good.

Once here, though, his young and immature professional instinct told him what tens of thousands of people are discovering today: Varna is a great place to live and work, and one day the region would be discovered and properly appreciated.

That day came earlier than Mr. Violaris had expected. As he says, “Change and progress frighten because they involve hard work, going against the rules, back-breaking responsibilities, and above all, they require somebody to take the lead and pay the price. Historically every great concept has met the skepticism and very often the negative comments and disbelief of people, who in general are afraid to think, leave alone think big and outside the clichés of the time.”

His personal commitment and corporate participation was an effective instrument in bringing about the rapid economic development we are witnessing today. The impressive change the people and the government of Bulgaria managed to bring about in record time affirms his words and long term vision.

Since 1994 Eurolink Investment Group has developed from a small consulting practice to a leading local specialist in investment and land development. The in-depth knowledge of the market, the business environment, the Bulgarian laws and regulations, the mentality, the culture and the potential of the Bulgarian people, gave us the confidence to establish and successfully develop our business. This long experience and know-how gives us the credentials of being considered a leading local investment specialist.

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Our Present

Despite the adverse developments related to the world economic crisis and subsequent property bust in a number of leading economies, our Group has entered a new stage of growth and evolution as the Bulgarian economy is showing resilience and creating unique business opportunities . The opening of the Cyprus Office in October 2008 and the signing of contracts with strategic partners and leading global investors for the realization of our Group’s projects make us look into the future with confidence.

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Our Future

As Retirement Homes Bulgaria we are here to assist you and help you plan for your fresh start in a brand new location, clean and surrounded by unspoiled nature and free of atmospheric and other forms of pollution – New Varna which we are building to fulfill your dreams for a dignified and quiet life. An area suitable to accommodate a modern residential quarter of high standards and specifications, with infrastructure that works without polluting and destroying the environment and facilities that will improve the residents’ quality of life and bring them together into a thriving new society. Our professional consultants have a broad knowledge of tax reduction, asset preservation, estate planning, investing, insurance and health care which they will apply to your personal case to give you the right advice tailor-made to your needs to make sure your huge life change is a success.

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Our Team

The foundation of our business is people. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust and unwavering commitment to excellence. Our focus is the complete satisfaction of every client. We use a team centered approach to manage every aspect of the business.

our_teamOur Human Resources Policy is to recruit the best qualified individuals who thrive on the excitement of collaboration and the discovery of new opportunities. Our ongoing training and development programs ensure that learning and skills are constantly renewed and refreshed to meet the modern work practices expected from our clients and associates.

Being part of Retirement Homes Bulgaria is synonymous with competence and possessing a real passion for making a difference. Every employee has experience and knowledge of high value to both our company and our clients. We promote a sense of belonging as well – a realization that together, we are accomplishing goals that would be out of our reach as individuals.

Our aim is to build a thriving business model based on intellectual capital and close business relationships with our clients and business associates. Our people have been an integral part of our success story so far and they are the foundation of our future growth.

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