Bulgaria 2012 – Make the smart choice

Black Sea villa situated at a unique location, on a sloping plot of land, high altitude and with a breathtaking view towards the Albena resort and the Sea.


Welcome to the Change

Retirement Homes Bulgaria has seen the change coming. The population is aging, health care costs keep rising, unemployment results in more individuals seeking or lacking coverage, pension benefits are becoming lower, working years are getting longer. We are surrounded by economic uncertainty and environmental threats.

Make your huge Life Change a success with us

We don’t like change. We instinctively resist it. Unfortunately we have changes forced upon us in this Changing World, whether we like it or not; whether we understand their causes or disagree with the innumerable explanations offered.

Retirement Homes Bulgaria exists to communicate better ways to help people achieve their own well-being, desired life style and standards of living in retirement abroad. Through this site we aim to provide valuable information to help you make this huge life change a success. We highlight all the key points you need to consider before you decide to relocate and live abroad.

Retired Couple

Your well-being is our main objective

The philosophy of Retirement Homes Bulgaria is centered on the human being and his/her right to live better and happier. The well-being of senior people in retirement is our main objective. Helping make their later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience is a priority.

Retirement Homes Bulgaria is synonymous with competence and possessing of real passion for making the difference. Each team member has experience and knowledge of high value to both our company and our clients.

We at Retirement Homes Bulgaria aim to offer the best possible advice and assistance for relocation after retirement. We strive to secure the best quality of life to our clients: excellent facilities and surroundings, easy access to vital services and amenities. We are committed to offer real human and humane living conditions.

It is our priority to communicate to you up-to-date information on all key points of retirement. As financial and legal information can change easily in today’s dynamic world, we kindly invite you to contact our advisors. Do not hesitate to forward your comments or place any inquiry regarding this huge life change you are facing. We do our best to respond and to complete business professionally.